Kim Theunissen

Kim Theunissen

AMP Consulting

Tel: 082 960 6051

AMP Consulting is headed up by Public Relations Management graduate Kim Thompson. Kim has had 15  years of experience working with small to medium enterprises – strategising, implementing and maintaining advertising, marketing & PR systems specifically for the SME.

At AMP Consulting we realize that the SME does not require a full time advertising / marketing / PR person but we do know that it is a business area that does require some attention and nurturing in today’s marketplace.

What we have found is that the business owner attempts to take this onto him / herself on top of all his / her other business responsibilities and he / she will often spend too much money in one area of the businesses marketing strategy and neglect other important areas unknowingly.

AMP Consulting can assist with creating a balanced, healthy advertising, marketing & PR portfolio for your SME at a very affordable rate.  We believe that the SME owner should be free to focus on what he / she set out to achieve – a successful and thriving business.