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West Coast Network (WCN)was formed in April 2000 as a business referral network. A group of business people came together with a common goal of supporting each other’s business by referring business to each other. This is commonly known as “word of mouth” advertising and is much more cost effective than most other forms of advertising.

The key to WCN becoming a successful network, was that each member would need to prove his/her competence, experience and integrity before members would be comfortable to refer them to colleges, family & friends. The concept of meeting each week became the “rock” on which our network was built, and where members learnt about each other’s business and developed a strong trust for each other.

WCN evolved further as we took WCN’s members services to the general consumer. We realised that the general consumer, was finding it increasingly difficult in identifying reliable & trustworthy businesses & services through the normal medium (telephone directory, yellow pages, flyers in the post box or adverts in the “smalls”). WCN decided to offer our members services to the general public.

It was this development which formed the core of who we are today – ”WCN, services you can rely on”. It is our objective to build the WCN brand to such an extent that if a consumer is looking for anything the first place they start looking is at www.wcn.co.za with complete confidence.

WCN also believes in giving back and every year we choose a worthy charity and raise funds for them.

Finding the right businesses to provide you with service can sometimes be a daunting task. That is why the West Coast Network is your best bet. We can vouch for our members because we use them ourselves. So if you are looking for any of the services we offer you can be rest assured you will be in good hands.


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