Four Seasons Roof Windows introduces a revolutionary new product that introduces natural light into the darker areas of your home or office.  It is not quite a ‘roof window’ but rather an alternative to the use of a conventional electric light in the day.  We all have rooms or areas in our homes or office environments that require an electric light on in the day.  This is a waste of electricity (an expensive and precious commodity) and an unnatural way of lighting an area when there is daylight available to do so instead.
Unlike other products available for this purpose, Four Seasons Skytubes require absolutely no electric connection and as a result are most certainly the eco-friendly or ‘green’ alternative.

Skytubes are created using a rhinoboard ‘box tunnel’ used to direct the light from the roof to your ceiling.  Installed on your roof is a square, aluminium framed ‘window’ sealed with 4mm toughened / amour plated safety glass.  Skytubes come in two square sizes – 350mm and 450mm.

Click here to see an example of  ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of a Four Seasons Skytube installed in a particularly dark bathroom.  The difference is astounding!  If you would like further information or a quote on having this fantastic alternative installed into your home email Four Seasons Roof Windows today.