David Enticott

David Enticott


Office no: 021 551 9219
Mobile no:  072 611 2327
E-mail: info@motorwisecpt.co.za


Motorwise was established in 2008 by young entrepreneur David Enticott. With European qualifications we take our utmost care in every vehicle and work closely together to ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly every time!

 RMI approved we carry out insurance work repairing many different brands of vehicles with maintenance plans or warranties such as Wesbank, Motorite etc.

 Motorwise and its staff have been together since the beginning  and work together to ensure your vehicle is worked on professionally and the best care is taken at all times.


We welcome fleet clients and promise our full attention no matter how many vehicles we are to maintain! With all vehicles booked in for services we carry out

full brake, clutch, suspension and light checks FREE of charge!


Any further info regarding Motorwise and our team please don’t hesitate to contact us!

“Our Reputation Is Your Guarantee”