At the end of each year ,the members of the West Coast Network get together one final time for an  Awards Breakfast. The awards breakfast is all about celebrating the year and to vote for,  and award, our Networker of the Year ( NOTY).

The Networker of the Year  award is about recognising those members who have made a significant or special contribution throughout the year. Each year the top 5 networkers qualify for the vote, by points scored.

Our Nominees were:

  1. Andrew Herweg
  2. Gavin Lomax
  3. Paul Green
  4. Raymond Davis
  5. Lorraine Tonkin


cartidge lorraine

“Thanks to everyone at the WCN for the vote of confidence and for everyone’s support throughout the year ! An awesome bunch of networkers! “

Lorraine Tonkin  of Cartridge Solutions , was crowned Networker of the Year 2013 at our NOTY Awards Breakfast held on the 10th December at Doodles beachfront. Congratulations Lorraine, well deserved!













“The support and positive energy amongst so many of our members has been fantastic. We reached our highest membership level (50) during the year, achieved very respectable attendance levels and donated a record amount ( R70 000) to charity! A big thank you to each member for your support and the contribution you made to WCN and to each other.”

– Andrew Herweg, Chairman WCN